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If you are the manager of the IT department, it is generally your responsibility for the continuing and uninterrupted operation of both voice and data services within your company. It has been our experience over the years that the actual cable which carries the service has always taken a back seat as far as importance to the network is concerned.

It was always first to be labelled as the cause of a network failure. This is now no longer the case, because the critical importance of the cabling has been realised. So too has the importance of making the right choices for the type of cable which enables equipment to operate at its optimum performance capabilities.

cabling components

Hence the creation of Category 5E. The make up of which enables data to be transmitted and received at much faster speeds then were previously achieved. Of course with the ability of faster transmission cable speeds, it also led to the critical importance of installing the network to a much stricter and higher standard than was previously acceptable.

The majority of proprietary systems manufacturers and suppliers have since developed installation practices based on the British Standard 5750 for which we hold approvals from various suppliers and distributors.

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As business people are aware, communications systems are a vital element in the successful performance of a business. Communications are also dominant in the fight to stay efficient, profitable and ahead of the opposition.

To this end your staff need to be able to perform their tasks, knowing that the network is going to support them. This in turn will give them the confidence to rely on the equipment they will use. It is all very well supplying top quality material and equipment, but if the cable network is not up to the required standard, they risk spending a large proportion of their workable life operating at a lower potential than that for which they were designed.

It is for this reason that data delivery systems exist to help businesses achieve the specification of cable network that allows today's office machinery to operate at its full potential. This is a Category 5E open systems network.

Two types of twisted pair cables are available - these are UTP and STP - but the most commonly used in Britain is UTP. UTP is an unscreened twisted pair cable with copper conductors; this is the cheaper of the two but if a good make is used and the installation is correct, it will perform more than adequately.

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