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As we all know, in business, keeping up with technological advances is neither easy nor a cheap task. It is for this reason that we commit ourselves to our specialised field. Our aim is to guide other business users through the maze of network cabling solutions available to the information technology sector.

As a company we have the ability to integrate Voice and Data networks. If you already understand the concept of structured networks. You will be aware that with new cabling schemes it is now possible to run both telephone and computer terminals down the same type of cable - although not yet simultanously.

This was not the case a few years ago, when, if you required a telephone point then you needed the services of British Telecom; if you required an additional computer terminal, you had to use the services of your system provider.

Now, things have changed! It is now both possible and beneficial to install a Category 5E or structured cable network. With this new cabling practice comes the added benefit that computer system users no longer need to be tied to one supplier or system support company.

Once a Category 5E verified system has been installed, virtually all proprietary computer systems providers will be more than happy to build your network on existing Category 5E.

Once we have carried out a survey of the site, we discuss the requirements and map them on to plans. We negotiate a solution with the I.T. Department. We agree a start date and draw up a contract or agreement. On receipt of a purchase order from the customer, we agree ready for service dates. We can then begin procurement of the equipment that is needed and begin the installation.

Following installation we carry out a 100 per cent, Cat 5E, 100 Mhz test of each port. On completion of the project we will produce a printed report of the tests and plans of the installation. These will be handed over to the client.

Network Compliance:

If you already have a fully structured or Cat 5E cable network and need to verify its performance - we can help. Our printed report will inform you of the properties of each port. Where necessary, we will offer recommendations to correct any ports which fail to meet the required standards.

Picture of testing machine

Because networks are of such critical importance to the running of any business that has them, the technology sector needed to implement standards. When adhered to, these standards ensure the maximum capability of a network to operate at its optimum performance.

We design, specify and install either fully structured networks or Category 5E data networks. Each member of our team of qualified and approved engineers holds approvals from a number of manufacturers.

C5 Lan Certificate

  • RW DATA (Cabling Sciences)
  • C5 Lanmaster
  • Net 5
  • KRONE No. 1 Club

It can be quite a difficult task to design and build a cable network. Call Connect offers the following skills:

Design and specification

  • Building layout design
  • Installation/management
  • 100% network verification checks
  • Printed reports and plans
  • Existing network compliance testing
  • Periodic network health checks
  • Our own networks carry an unlimited warranty against failure (subject to fault clause).
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